Sunday, March 6, 2011

Still. De-cluttering.

What was I thinking?  De-cluttering is supposed to be easier than this.  Whoever said it gets worse before it gets better was RIGHT.  And WHY is it taking SO LONG?

We were making good progress until we hit the kids' toys.  Oh, everything was fine as we removed the toys from bedrooms and hauled them to the basement.  We all shared in the joy of "clean new bedrooms", but once we stood back and surveyed the rubble in the basement, I was ASTOUNDED!

How can "I" possibly be the one who bought all these toys?  Yes,  I admit it - I was the main toy purchaser in the household.  The kids did help though.  But this now leaves me as the primary toy get-rid-of-er.

I can't get through ALL.THIS.STUFF!

My attempts have been temporarily stifled.  Before drowning, I finally had to turn my back on the toy problem and focus on something more manageable.  I managed to get some of my old belly dance costumes posted for sale (including photos) and now feel better.  Sort of.

There is still SO MUCH to do!

If you get anything out of this post, it might be that


I really wish I had some more reminders that this all takes time.  Lots.of.time.  And that it is OK to take a break.  It took years to acquire the junk, and it will not disappear overnight.  Unless the house burns to the ground.

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