Thursday, May 7, 2009

The best laid plans

Life has a way of interfering in even the best of plans and we are no exception.

We plodded our way through winter and actually were doing quite well. We have been moving through our math and spelling lessons swiftly, language lessons were falling into place, science found it's way into our schedule.... then March came. I had surgery to fix a small (and I mean tiny) umbilical hernia. I thought, "Okay, it's a teeny tiny incision, so this will be easy. Like a paper cut." HA! What a joke. What I thought would take 3 days, took weeks! I suppose even the smallest of surgeries are still a big deal. It's tough to teach when you can't move, so our lessons slowed significantly. BUT - blessings do come in the strangest packages. Since I was not allowed to do any lifting of any sort, the kids got a few lessons on cleaning house. Both kids are now proficient at vacuuming the house, and H is now a laundry aficionado. I have been informed that he will now do all the laundry. We'll see how long his enthusiasm lasts. :)
So that was March - then came April..... After being cooped up in the house all winter, we finally had enough! April was a perfect time to take a trip to Grandma's house in CA and celebrate birthdays there. What a glorious trip we had! Spring had sprung and the weather was outstanding! We stayed the entire month and the kids played outside everyday! We went to the Redwoods, the ocean and beach, got a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the Marin Headlands, visited Marine World (now known as Six Flags Discovery Park) and the Exploratorium in SF. We celebrated Easter and two birthdays (H is now 8 and L is 6). Needless to say, our education was very hands on for April. The books stayed quietly in their bag. We finally made our way back home just in time for May to begin. My homecoming was celebrated on a heating pad with a backache which is now going on week 2..... We are very happy to see that the snow is melted away though, and spring is arriving here in the mountains. We are off to a slow start this week, working on Math and continuing our "body"books as a start. It is time to start our garden (and gardening lessons) as well. It will take another week or two before we are back to speed, but we are all thankful for the wonderful time we had in CA. The break was worth it.