Sunday, August 30, 2009

School is in session

It's the end of August already... The new 2009/10 school year officially started last week for the public schools and for us as well. We got off to a rough start with some interruptions on Monday, but we managed to salvage the week by beginning on Tuesday instead. Overall, our first week went very well! The kids willingly, even eagerly, jumped into their studies without any resistance or complaining. The time spent last month in planning our lessons has been worth the effort, affording us a clear direction for this year and an easier start. Also, I think that our new approach to discipline and communication has helped make an enormous difference in all of our attitudes and behaviours and is a definite contributor to our positive start for school. My discovery came at a class at the UHEA conference this past June called "Teaching Self Government". I have been slowly implementing the techniques I have learned over the summer and it really is working! You can find out more about it here - I am very thankful to have found these parenting techniques. My sanity has been spared! :)
Regardless, we are all grateful to get back on a normal, and less hurried schedule. Fall is already in the air and we are seeing the first few trees displaying their autumn colors. The night air is bringing in an early chill, and we all seem to be getting ready to hunker down for another long winter. The garden has not withstood the cold snaps that have been moving through, with our corn, cucumber, and pumpkin plants all falling victim to a summer cut short. The cold weather crops are fairing much better, but I suspect they will require an early harvest. Such is life in the mountains... Sigh...