Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Another Summer

Wow.  I suppose that the start of Public School signifies the official end of yet another summer.  It went by so quickly.  It was such a blur, I honestly can't really say I got much fun out of it. Oh well... I suppose that we come out of a difficult and blurry period of life with a new and clearer vision and understanding of ourselves.  Although I don't claim to have turned a new leaf, I find myself with a slightly new perspective of myself.  Priorities have made themselves known, and are now shuffling themselves into their respective places waiting for me to follow through. So here is where my life currently stands:
I am not going to sell the house.
I will not be moving to Oregon or California.
I will be Homeschooling the kids again (YAY!).
I am looking for various ways of generating a small income with my ultimate goal being to accelerate pay-off the mortgage (or at least having a hefty rainy day fund) and gaining a sense of financial independence.
Other difficult aspects of my life are not yet clear, but at least I am finally making some decisions and finding peace in those.
It helps to remember that "One step at a time will eventually get you to where you want to go".

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